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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight because of their sacrifice and longing and steadfast love because time and again they swallowed their fears and doubts and did what was hard. so today, when the challenges we face start to seem overwhelming or even impossible, let us never forget that doing the impossible is the history of this nation. it is who we are as americans. it is how this country was built. and, and if our parents and grandparents could toil and struggle for us, you know, if they could raise beams of steel to the sky, send a man to the moon, connect the world with a
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touch of a button, then surely we can keep on sacrificing and building for our own kids and grandkids, right? and if so many brave men and women could wear our country's uniform and sacrifice their lives for our most fundamental rights, then surely we can do our part as citizens of this great democracy to exercise those rights, surely we can get to the polls on election day and makeur voices heard.3 f2 nuestra voz se oiga. if farmers and blacksmiths could win independence from an empire immigrants could leave behind
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everything they knew, if women could be dragged to jail for seeking the vote, if a young preacher could lift us to the mountain top with his righteous dream, and if proud americans can be who they are and boldly stand at the altar with who they love, then surely -- surely we can give everyone in this country a fair chance at that great american dream.3 f2 americano. because in the end, in the end more than anything else that is the story of this country. the story of unwavering hope ground in unyielding struggle.
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that is what has made my story and barack's story and so many other american stories possible. let me tell you something, i say all of this tonight, not just as first lady, no, not just as a wife, you see, at the end of the day my most important title is still mom in chief. my daughters are still the heart of my heart and the center of my world. but let me tell you, today, i have none of those worries from four years ago. no, not about whether barack and i were doing what was best for our girls, because today, i know from experience that if i truly want to leave a better world for my daughters, for all of our sons and daughters, if, if we
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want to give all of our children a foundation for their dreams, and opportunities worthy of their promise, if we want to give them that sense of limitless possibility, the belief that here in america there is always something better out there, if you are willing to work for it, then we must work like never before. and we must once again come together and stand together for the man we can trust to keep moving this great country forward, my husband, our president, barack obama! thank you! god bless you. god bless america! >> first lady michelle obama. savannah and i have relocated to the floor.
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savannah, that was personal, that was emotional, this crowd was silent. they love her. one of the political writers today said her job was to make the country fall in love with her husband all over again. >> telling this deeply personal story about how much she loves her husband she is trying to remind voters why they like her husband. in 2008, nicknamed her the closer. when she went to the stop, she would close the sale. here tonight she has a task as the opener. >> we have heard from the first lady here tonight. you will hear from savannah tomorrow morning on "today." and we hope you will join us tomorrow evening on "nbc nightly news." another day here at the democratic convention in charlotte. those of you in the east and midwest, your late local news begins now. we hope to see you back here tomorrow. for savannah guthrie, our team, i'm brian williams, nbc news.
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leading news station this is news 4 at 11:00. an olympic figure skater thrown in jail on sex charges. a second attack on capitol hill just blocks from where a man nearly died. tonight the fear in the neighborhood. plus crossing the line. the new tsa tactic that is not sitting well with flyers. we begin tonight in charlotte, north carolina. day one of the democratic national convention wraps up
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with the first lady. >> jim vance kicks off our team coverage live from the dnc. >> reporter: it was emotional. michelle obama crafted a space ship big enough to carry millions in the country to the moon and beyond. ann romney attempted to soften her husband's image. michelle obama seeked to define her husband as a caring man. >> barak knows the american dream because he has lived it. he wants everyone to have the same opportunity no matter where we are, what we look like or who
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we love. >> reporter: the first lady said her husband's fight for things such as equal pay and financial aid for students trying to get through clej and affordable health care, she said his commitment to those things is not political. she said it is, in fact, personal. tom suherrwood is with me now. there were a lot of people on the stage. some of them with local connections. >> this night was filled with a lot of warmup speeches. maryland governor did his part in primetime. >> in times of adversity you see for our country, for the country we love, maryland always chooses to move forward. we understand that progress is a
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choice, job creation is a choice. whether we move forward or back, this, too, is a choice and that is what this election is all about. >> now, martin o'malley did not command the hall like what we saw here with michelle obama. he has become a surrogate for the barack obama campaign. >> it is interesting that they put o'malley in there tonight. there is talk that one day perhaps 2016 his name might go into nominations. >> there has been a lot of discussion. the baltimore sun had a story about how he is running all over this convention working as hard as he can and saying he is not running. i think he is looking at it for 2016. he says when you ask him about it now is not the time to talk
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about me, now is the time to talk about barack obama. that is what a good candidate would say. >> michelle obama lit it up here tonight. tomorrow there is another superstar, former president bill clinton will address this crowd in support of barack obama and what they hope will be four more years. back to you. >> thank you jim vance and tom sherwood. they are watching the weather in charlotte could force the president to move his acceptance speech indoors. rit now it is planned for thursday in an outdoor arena that seats 70,000 people. here is storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug. >> isaac moving to the north and west of us. it is drawing in moisture from deep down to the south. here is charlotte.
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charlotte picking up over an inch of rain in parts of the charlotte area. the moisture making its way our way, too. we are seeing some showers right now. most of them on the light to moderate side. if you are heading out and about do expect to get wet in parts of the region. not everybody is going to see the showers tonight. by tomorrow i think they will become more wide spread as you are out and about during the day tomorrow. tomorrow morning the bus stop forecast 70 to about 76 degrees. make sure you have the umbrella ready just as you did this morning. we could see more heavy showers during the day tomorrow. i will show you when i think we have the best chance of rain in my full forecast. a figure skating coach who competed in the olympics is behind bars in maryland.
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erica gonzalez reports. >> reporter: once an olympic figure skater. now he trains new champions here in maryland. after years of dedication his wife says they are being forced to defend his reputation. >> everybody knows how great my husband is and how much he loves his family. >> reporter: his attorney says the olympian was arrested this morning. >> these charges will be zealously defended. >> reporter: the charges stem from an incident in lake placid, new york. >> there is a forcible touching charge, a third degree sexual offense charge. >> reporter: little else is known about the accuser or the charges. the alleged incident took place last september. lake placid police investigated. even after the allegations surfaced julia tells me she and her husband continue to keep here at the gardens ice house in laurel, maryland and have had
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the overwhelming support she says of students both past and present. >> they could not believe those allegations and they fully support. >> reporter: he will spent the night in jail as he awaits an extradition hearing in the next couple of days. in laurel, maryland, erica gonzalez. a maryland student accused of opening fire on the first day of school is charged with nine counts of attempted murder. a 17-year-old special needs student is still in the hospital. the suspect is charged as an adult. police say he used an antique shotgun to open fire in the cafeteria last month. there has been a second attack at capitol hill. the victim robbed blocks away from where another man was nearly beaten to death. police want to know if the two crimes are connected.
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>> reporter: both men were robbed at night and many of them right here on north carolina avenue southeast. this is a spot where a lot of people like to park and go to restaurants and bars here. on capitol hill tonight there is more concern after this recent attack. >> it makes me feel very unsafe. >> reporter: victoria rodriguez is scared as d.c. police patrol her neighborhood. >> really insane the amount of crime happening lately. >> reporter: police say a man robbed and beat a man this morning. it is a few blocks away from where two men attacked 29-year-old thomas masln a couple of weeks ago. police are investigating to see if the same men are responsible. >> the second crime very similar. >> reporter: council member represents this neighborhood and says police have stepped up patrols and will continue to do so. >> even with police presence we are not going to be able to
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cover every block. i don't know how determined these criminals are but it certainly is -- we are going to have to be extremely vigilant until they are caught. >> a police woman stopped by our house to let us know what had happened. >> reporter: this surveillance video was taken less than a half hour after the first attack. police continue to search for the three men in this car. >> you assume it is a nice area. you can see the capitol building. i have had discussions with plenty of people i work with because we are all out at night. >> reporter: now, this morning's victim was able to walk home and call police. meanwhile masln remains in the hospital after two brain operations. live here near capitol hill. tonight a hazing ritual leads to a career ending punishment for an army sergeant. disturbing video shows the sergeant hitting a soldier with
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a wooden mallet. the soldier's father says he also suffered a seizure. this happened in april but the video is coming to light. the sergeant has been relieved of his roles and responsibilities. new accusations from the pentagon against a former navy seal who claims he was part of the raid that killed osama bin laden. his book was released today. the pentagon says its official review shows the book reveals sensitive information. there was a rare reminder sent to troops under his command that they are never to reveal details of missions. the author denies revealing military secrets. a u.s. congressman from maryland is being called a life saver after helping a toddler on side the road. two-year-old nathan smith wasn't
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breathing and turning blue. harris who is also a medical doctor loosened smith's jaw and allowed the boy to gasp in air. nathan's grandfather thanked harris and called the boy's recovery a miracle. harris replied wishing the boy well. tonight local firefighters thanked an organization with a big check. the volunteer fire department donated $10,000 to the d.c. firefighters burn foundation. in february two firefighters were injured battling a house fire. the burn foundation helps firefighters throughout the washington area with recovery and rehab. next a homeowner jumps into action after a driver makes a wrong turn and lands in his pool. the new tsa airport tactic that has some flyers fuming.
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this is just in to news 4. a photo from the white house showing president obama and daughters watching the first lady speak to the democratic national convention a few minutes ago. earlier castro became the first hispanic to give the key note address. >> my grandmother never owned a house but she saw her daughter
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become the first in her family to graduate from college. my mother fought hard for civil rights so instead of a mop i could can hold this microphone. >> the convention continues in charlotte tomorrow. jim vance and tom sherwood will be there live tomorrow night. a life saving rescue after an elderly man crashed his car into a fence and right into his neighbor's pool. the homeowner pulled the driver out of the car as it was sinking. firefighters say the driver in his 80s would never have managed to get out by himself. new video posted today shows agents screening passenger beverages even after they have pass passed through security check points. you can see agents swapping coffee cups and water bottles that they bought inside the con course. the person who uploaded the
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video said it happened sunday. one traveller calls it excessive. >> having someone come up to me and demand that i submit to another search without any probable cause seems a bit much. >> passengers who refuse the beverage check can be banned from boarding their plane. a new report shows a rise in collisions between planes and birds. it finds thousands of bird strikes over the last 12 years. nearly 80 of them left planes seriously damaged on takeoffs and landings from dulles. that figure was 54 for bwi and 42 for reagan. the federal aviation administration says it plans to do a better job with wild life control. pep co says it restored electricity. now neighbors want to solve the
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problem. heavy rain sunday flooded homes and forced dirty water through the toilets and drains. experts are recommending this back-flow valve. d.c. water is holding a public meeting on thursday to tell people how to get rebates to cover the costs of the valves. the technology world is buzzing that one week from tomorrow apple may review a new iphone. today apple released this cryptic invitation to a news conference and reads it is almost here. the shadow from the 12 is actually a five. that leads many to speculate that apple's announcement will be an iphone 5. industry experts expect the new device would have a faster process and bigger screen. >> anything cryptic on your weather map? >> you are going to have to wait and see. i have two of them hidden. >> we'll be looking. >> it will tell you exactly when
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the rain will hit your house tomorrow. if you figure it out you wait. this is what you can expect. we are going to see showers making their way through outside right now. there are a few of them. most areas are seeing light to moderate rain but a few heavier down pours. high temperature today up to 89 degrees. low of 76 earlier today. very warm and humid. the heat index at one point today 95. rain and heat return over the next 24 to 48 hours. right now still very warm. 82 degrees. sun is already going down. winds out of the south at 20 miles per hour. there is a little cryptic thing. it says the sun is shining at me part of the world. 80 in fredricksburg. a very warm night. you walk outside and feel the humidity. all we need is a little trigger to give us some of the showers. we have a trough making its way through the system right now. it is producing a few showers in
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through northern virginia, southern maryland. most of these on the light to moderate side. if you are traveling 66 or down 95 you will probably run into a few of the showers. as we move to the west around i-81 seeing shower activity. picking up a moderate shower here. that one will make its way over towards springfield. another one about to cross over towards charles county. the big system to the north and west. this is the remnants of isaac combined with a frontal boundary that will help move the remnants over the region tomorrow. with the moisture over the south i think we stand a chance of showers and thunderstorms into the day tomorrow. more numerous during the day tomorrow. the showers here. here goes the remnants of isaac. the cold front swinging through the area. that's when we will see the showers tomorrow afternoon. the cold front moves to the south taking most of the rain with it.
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i think thursday will be dry for most of us. warmer temperatures moving in. temperatures could get back into the 90s. i don't think this one would effect us too much. around 5:00 notice the shower activity maybe around the district. as we move through the lunch time hours about 11:00 still seeing shower activity. some will be on the heavy side. it will be moving tomorrow. i don't think it will sit over the same area but it will be capable of producing one to two inches an hour. this is 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. we could be seeing fairly heavy rain. keep the umbrellas handy. partly cloudy skies tomorrow morning with scattered showers. warm and muggy. tomorrow afternoon areas of rain once again some of them could be heavy. temperatures 84 to 89. not a washout tomorrow. if you get caught in one of the downpours you could get big-time
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rain. 93 on friday. this weekend watching another storm system that will bring us another chance of rain but monday and tuesday next week only in the 70s. a real cool down next week. >> feel like fall. >> it is going to. coming up in sports heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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my world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... [ whispers ] 100 calories... say it again... [ whispers ] 100 calories... ma'am, hello? ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. this is the x finity sports desk brought to you by x finity, your home for the most live sports. there is carol on fire. >> that's right. the nats, the numbe keep getting better. 83 wins and counting.
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the best record in baseball keeps getting better and the storm stayed away. it was raining baseballs instead. davey johnson watching his nats cruise to their third win in a row. second batter ian desmond facing the rookie. desmond gives him a big welcome to the big leagues, kid. a two-run home run. the nats book 2-0. desmond far from done. bottom second. two on. he cranks this one to the wall. it hits. edwin jackson and jason werth come in to score. bottom four. adam laroche. a home run yesterday. tonight he is doing it again. the solo shot number 26 on the season. he would also get number 27. he went 4 for 4.
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check out who he celebrates with in the dugout. his son, drake. nats win. they lead. orioles and toronto coming into tonight the birds one game back of the yankees. did you see that? the swing is the thing for him in the top of the fifth. four home runs in the last five games. a three-run shot here just clears the fence. orioles up, 3-0. a lot of high fives for that one. man! zack gets a swing. orioles win big, 12-0. the words are tied with new york atop the a.l. east. t the u.s. open andy
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roddick's match was delayed by rain. roddick doesn't seem to mind waiting for his match or his retirement. 7-0 in a round of 16 at the u.s. open. tied at five games a piece when they play it early in the first set. roddick in the near court. roddick wins the game. the set would go to a tie break but then the rains would come. you can see everyone starting to get wet. look at the official how he checks. sneaker, slippery. play suspended with roddick leading 1-0. the match will resume tomorrow afternoon. be careful on the roads it's a little slippery out here. >> see you on nebraska avenue. >> a big win today for maryland basketball. wells is transferring to play hoops for the terps.
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